by Survivalist

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D. Nanos on the music, D. Alexander on the vocals.

Survivalist advocates the Straight Edge lifestyle.


released October 17, 2019

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Darren Nanos February-October 2019 in The Locker Room in Queens, NY. Cover art by Nanos, Logo by Alexander.


all rights reserved



Survivalist Queens, New York


Playing Black N Blue Bowl 2020

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Track Name: Old Haunts
Anger ain’t an old man’s game
Well I never wanted to play
Only ever wanted a pretty place
To see the end of my days
We never changed - what’s in our brains
We never changed - what’s in our veins
Still finding solace in city streets
With this ringing in my ears
Sucking up pride and spitting out
My hate right through the years
Youth is wasted on the young and wisdom on the old
Well either one only comes with broken fucking bones
Haunting the places that we never changed
Track Name: Burner
Etched regret under your skin
Burn it burn it burn out your X
Monument to giving in
Burn it burn it burn out your X
Did it mean the world or was it a waste?
Burn it burn it burn out your X
Shut your mouth or get it erased
Burn those fuckers out of your flesh
Dulled, diluted; a shadow of your former self
Don’t judge me with your dirty breath
So you’re living life differently now - that’s just fine with me
But I don’t wanna hear about you coming around - talking bout how it used to be
That mark on your arm is meaningless now - just like your fucking word
Til I die I’ll wear it with pride - it still means something to me
Track Name: Still Life
It’s a harsh truth in the human heart
What brought us together will tear us apart
And it’s hard not to grow colder
When the world weighs hard on your shoulder
The passage of time
The passion the strife
I wish my life was a still life
People of real substance
Will kill themselves with selflessness
But the world won’t listen
Well my throat don’t seem to care
Still locked in prisons of time
Wish my life was a still life
But life is still life is still life is still life
Track Name: Hard Rain
Bottles on the street, needles on my lawn
Living in a city drowned in opioids
Greener pastures to urban decay
When’s a hard rain gonna wash it all away?
Down the fucking drain
Flush that bullshit down the fucking drain
Crack house on the corner, sirens on my block
Broken skulls of paramedics going into shock
Building up Main Street for rich kids to play
When’s a hard rain gonna wash it all away?
Down the fucking drain
Flush that bullshit down the fucking drain
It’s all the same to me
Jocks getting hammered
Junkies wasting away
Fuck the pharma companies that are getting paid
Fuck their dealers and the way they prey
Fuck a justice system in disarray
And fuck any culture that thinks it’s okay
The dose makes the poison
while I live in a drought
Waiting on the rain
to wash it all out
Track Name: Force Fed
Force FED
Track Name: Off The Cuff
No fucking way that I’m gonna stay
Locked in this cage that I’ve made
A cog in a culture that’s killing itself
I’ll never be the same
Are you alive or just killing time?
Counting down the days until you die
Sharpen your mind into a scythe
That’s the only way that you’re gonna survive
Now you’re dead and buried in your fucking grave
Don’t ask me what I’m living for
I just wanna be free
A broken down body with a head fulla shit
That’s never gonna be me
Track Name: Return To Dust
The final sands of violent times
Are running out under ashen skies
Before we choke we better learn
A profits only good to burn
Will we find grace or will we face
The chloroform of dying days
Corporate greed; crippled faith
Will this be our last mistake?
Living lower than the animals
To satiate our lowest pulse
Over oceans and beyond seas
Smog and suffering for you and me
You think that it won’t get to you?
But the reaper’s claw cuts cuts right through
We all come from dust
And we’ll return to dust
But still there’s time to change our course
Come together; a reckoning force
No room for ego; we gotta evolve
Become tomorrow; the time the time is now

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